Re: Help:Is there a calendar under gnome?

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Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 16:36:50 +0800
From: lming_44 <lming_44 163 com>
Subject: Help:Is there a calendar under gnome?
To: "gnome-list gnome org" <gnome-list gnome org>
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    I want to find a calendar program with the same function(s) in
evolution ,  but I don't want to use evolution for some reason. Is there
a calendar under gnome?



I haven't use the Evo calendar, so I don't what functionality you're exactly looking for, but you could use the calendar from Mozilla. There's one that you can install with the Mozilla suite, and one that is standalone. The standalone one is called Sunbird. It is still version 0.2 though!

Here is the project page:


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