Re: zenity weirdness with special characters

On 5/13/05, Julien Olivier <julo altern org> wrote:
> My answer will probably be quite useless, but i tried the very same
> things on a system with LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8, and here is what I get:
> 2) echo "01-Lights_of_Euphoria-Was_wäre_wenn?" | zenity --text-info \
> --title="Audio rip" --width=800 --height=600
> -> I get no warning message either, but I get the following string:
> 01-Lights_of_Euphoria-Was_wäre_wenn?

zenity expects UTF-8 string, so it is likely that non-UTF8 strings are
unusable here. But about --text-info option, it looks like the string 
is transformed from iso-8859-1 into UTF-8 _BYTE-BY-BYTE_. It renders
garbage for other, especially multibyte, characters.


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