Re: Gnome questions.

01. How do i tell my suse to get gnome from /mygnome, and also i want the gdm login prompt.

Check /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager

02. when ever i run a gtk/gnome application, i'm getting these warning messages

Gtk-warning*** Unable to locate theme engine in module path: 'qtpixmap'

apparently qtpixmap is not installed and i've installed qtpixmap. But now i'm not getting these warning messages, but the windows look and feel are of KDE/Keramic, rather than gtk native. Why is that so. ??

This depends on the window manager. The window decorations depend on the window manager
you are running.

I've tried changing theme using gnome-theme-manager, but nothing happened. what i've observed is when ever i run a gtk/gnome application from KDE, i'm getting this behaviour. If i run on other DE, i'm getting the native gtk look and feel. My question, how can i avoid the gtk warning on qtpixmap, and at the same time, i get gtk look and feel, when i'm on kde.

Window manager needs to be metacity for a GNOME look and feel.

03. When ever i run any application (say gnome-font-properties), i'm getting the warning message,

Could not find the icon 'gnome-settings-font'. The hicolor icon theme was not found either. blah.. blah.. blah..

But i've installed hicolor icontheme, before installing any gtk/gnome package. whats wrong with the installation.

Mostly path settings. Once you login through GDM i guess these should go away.


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