Gnome questions.

I'm working on SUSE 9.1 and i did not install gnome during suse installation.
I've build and installed gnome-2.10 from scratch using garnome..
I've not installed gnome in the standard directory, but somewhere else say /mygnome.

The build went fine, but i've few questions and concerns.

01. How do i tell my suse to get gnome from /mygnome, and also i want the gdm login prompt.

02. when ever i run a gtk/gnome application, i'm getting these warning messages

   Gtk-warning*** Unable to locate theme engine in module path: 'qtpixmap'

apparently qtpixmap is not installed and i've installed qtpixmap. But now i'm not getting these warning messages, but the windows look and feel are of KDE/Keramic, rather than gtk native. Why is that so. ??

I've tried changing theme using gnome-theme-manager, but nothing happened. what i've observed is when ever i run a gtk/gnome application from KDE, i'm getting this behaviour. If i run on other DE, i'm getting the native gtk look and feel. My question, how can i avoid the gtk warning on qtpixmap, and at the same time, i get gtk look and feel, when i'm on kde.

03. When ever i run any application (say gnome-font-properties), i'm getting the warning message,

Could not find the icon 'gnome-settings-font'. The hicolor icon theme was not found either. blah.. blah.. blah..

But i've installed hicolor icontheme, before installing any gtk/gnome package. whats wrong with the installation.

04. I open failsafe environment, and try to start gnome-2.10 DE using the command gnome-session. But immediately my nautilus crashed. Not only that, not all my gnome applications are running correctly. Applications like devhelp, evolution, bug-buddy (to name a few) are crashing immediately.

I've done the installation using garnome-2.10, and used gcc-3.4.3 as the compiler. (gcc-3.3.3 was the default with suse-9.1)

I've done the installation for the 4th time and all the 4 times i'm getting the same errors. what might be going wrong??

Thanks in advance,

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