Re: Gnome 2.10 Build Order and Strategy

On Mon, 2005-09-05 at 03:19 +0200, Jonathan J. Vargas R. wrote:
> hi,
> i got required packages to build gnome 2.10, i tried to build them
> without order.. and after some retries i got all packages successfully
> built.. then i tried to start gnome-session, and it ran without
> probs.. except for some insignificant applets (clock and something
> else) that pretended to run.
> but my menu is empty, the gnome-control-center main windows shows
> nothing (nothing means nothing at all), neither desktop properties
> appear when i rick click the desktop and select it.
> the only thing i can do is to run a terminal with a right click on the
> desktop.. I also can open nautilus and browse files, just that.
> i built every package in the gnome platform sources, and most of the
> desktop sources too.
> the general way i built those packages was:
> ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome2 --enable-nls
> make && make install
> since all those packages and depedencies are up-to-date and built
> successfully, this carries me to think that I performed some mistakes,
> missed something or i am using a bad build strategy..
> so I wonder if could I find somewhere a magic document named "Building
> GNOME 2.10 From Scratch" that defines the right procedures in the
> process of bulding, build order, and if required initial configuration
> after building to get it working propertly, and further resources to
> get a cool gnome system.
> thanks,

Correct if I'm misunderstanding, but why on earth would you build GNOME
2.10 from scratch?

Why don't you use a distro that uses apt-get (Synaptic front-end), such
as Ubuntu.  Binary distros are the way to go.  Building a whole DE
version from scratch can be a real nightmare.  It seems rather pointless
to me unless you plan on learning Linux in-depth.

Apologies, if I'm misunderstanding.


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