Gnome 2.10 Build Order and Strategy


i got required packages to build gnome 2.10, i tried to build them
without order.. and after some retries i got all packages successfully
built.. then i tried to start gnome-session, and it ran without
probs.. except for some insignificant applets (clock and something
else) that pretended to run.

but my menu is empty, the gnome-control-center main windows shows
nothing (nothing means nothing at all), neither desktop properties
appear when i rick click the desktop and select it.

the only thing i can do is to run a terminal with a right click on the
desktop.. I also can open nautilus and browse files, just that.

i built every package in the gnome platform sources, and most of the
desktop sources too.

the general way i built those packages was:

./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome2 --enable-nls
make && make install

since all those packages and depedencies are up-to-date and built
successfully, this carries me to think that I performed some mistakes,
missed something or i am using a bad build strategy..

so I wonder if could I find somewhere a magic document named "Building
GNOME 2.10 From Scratch" that defines the right procedures in the
process of bulding, build order, and if required initial configuration
after building to get it working propertly, and further resources to
get a cool gnome system.


Jonathan J. Vargas Rodriguez
jonathan j vargas gmail com
"Conservar el silencio interior cuando vuelo en la tormenta me es
mejor, porque asi ya no soy otra gota de la tempestad"

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