Re: panel behind window

On Thu, 2005-10-03 at 14:16 +0100, harald wanadoo nl wrote:
> Hi users of this gnome-group,
> I am Harald and new to this mailinglist. Perhaps I don't know enouht about the 
> precies meaning about this list, so please excuse me if will apear my 
> question doesn't belong to this list.

Well, welcome Harald, we're happy to have you here. However mailing
lists ending -devel usually are about the actual development (writing of
code), so user questions are best off in gnome-list.

> So here is my question:
> Am I right that in Gnome it is not possible to get the panels behind the 
> application window, and it probably will not in the near future eigther? I 
> heard about it, but am not sure the information, especially the last, is 
> right.
> That would be a pitty I think and for me a reason to go back to my slow KDE.
> Do anyone here know more about this?

I don't personally know if your right, but you can try looking yourself
in either the gnome mailing list archives , or by searching bugzilla .

I do know however that even if we don't offer feature X, we do want to
make sure you can still get your work done with GNOME, which sometimes
means you can do Y which does the same thing but easier. ;)

For example, if your worried about screen real-estate, I set my panels
to autohide with only one pixel showing. If you have an app that doesn't
use the 'fullscreen' WM hint properly, then its a bug with the app, not

Anyways, reply on gnome-list gnome org with more details if you want to
discuss it.

> With kind regards,
> Harald


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