Re: Change default application for file type?

guenther wrote:

I am running Gnome 2.10 on a Debian Sid system. Currently, if I open an
mp3 file, from within a file browser window, the file is opened and
played by Totem. I would like it the default to be for it to open in
XMMS. How can I change this??

Use Nautilus, right click on any .mp3 file, chose "Open with other
Application" and set it to xmms. If xmms isn't in the lust of apps, use
"Use a custom command".

All currently available apps (as in the context menu) and the default
one to run a particular file type with are accessible by: Nautils, right
click on a file, "Open With".

(For me) open with audio player = xmms

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