Re: changing Application Fonts for debian

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005 16:22:16 +0545
Basanta Shrestha <basanta mpp org np> wrote:

> Dear List,
> We are localizing gnome. I have added a font. There is no problem
> in manually changing this font for 'Application Font', 'Desktop
> Font' and 'Window Title font'. But I need to be make this font one
> and the only default font so that this font is used across whole
> gnome application interfaces. Please note that I can NOT use gui to
> do this!! Can any one tell me how to do this by directly modifying
> into files? This font should be used for all the login users that
> exists in the system. o/s:  Debian linux

One way is you could do the setting in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf 
make all aliases point to ur font.

or as gnome setting , in /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/

(exact changes to make i am not sure)



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