Re: Tracking down a login performance problem

I've recently had this problem and tracked it back to a mistake I made in an earlier session. I was fiddling trying programs and in the menu I found this thing called Internet/video conferencing. I tried that, nothing happened, and when I tried to log out, the system sat a long time and eventually I hit Alt-Ctl-Backspace. Then at the next start, it stopped at login, just in the way you describe. It would sit a long time.

I use WindowMaker as my window manager and it would start fine, just the gnome splash would be stopped half way through. I could open terminals, run gnome programs like nautilus.

Sometimes I'd get repeated errors about "another instance of gnome-panel already running".

Eventually, I realized that there was some program failing and it was trying to re-start because it was in the Gnome session. I did

ps aux

and saw a lot of programs running that I did not recognise, one of them was "gnomemeeting". After doing a kill -9 on that process id, then the program was magically fixed.


Larry W. Virden wrote:
Today I have been looking into a peculiar problem one user (out of
over 300) is having while logging into GNOME.

Platform: SPARC Solaris 8, Sun's GNOME

For some reason, during the process starting the gnome-session,
things sit for 5-10 minutes.  There are only two shell
scripts in the session; neither of which have any sleeps
in them.

We see the processes in the first script start.  Then
comes a 5 - 10 minute wait, and the next applications
start, and then the window manager and gnome-panel processes

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