Re: custom menu items gone


i appear to have resolved this problem for the moment. 

i don't know if this is a gnome issue or the debian package itself
(???), but it would seem that the upgraded gnomevfs wanted both the
TryExec and URL properties set for the menu item - in addition to the
Exec property which was there. i went through and set them in all the
menu items and they reappeared in my menu. 

adding a new menu item does not add these two additional properties
automatically at the moment. perhaps i upgraded to a version that has a
mix of old and new.

anyway... perhaps this will help anyone with a similar problem.


On Fri, 2005-01-28 at 19:29 +1100, Takis Diakoumis wrote:
> Hi
> i just noticed that ALL the menu items i had added to the gnome menu are
> gone. i can't even remember what i last updated - i know i updated
> gnomevfs recently... problem is i only just noticed so i don't know
> exactly when it happened.
> i tried adding one of them back - all seems ok, but then its just not
> visible. all my items are still in $HOME/.gnome2/vfolders/applications
> but it doesn't seem to be using that anymore (???).
> i'm running debian sarge with gnome 2.8.1
> gnomevfs is version 1.0.5-5 from debian testing
> any ideas as to how i may get these back would be appreciated.
> thanks
> Takis
Takis Diakoumis <takisd alphalink com au>

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