Gnome background


I like to use programs like xplanet to handle my background and I like to
use too applications like Nautilus to be able to have and use some icons on
the desktop. Unfortunately the configuration options of the Gnome and
Nautilus doesn't allow to use as background anything else then or picture or
colour. I tried follow advices found in the archives, but with a partial
success only. I was able to use xplanet as background handling program only
when I disabled Nautilus at all. When Nautilus has been disabled, there
wasn't no icon on the desktop. So I activated Nautilus back again.
At the moment I use xplanet program so it's started with initial scripts of
the system and so it puts the output to the image (/tmp/background.png) each
5 minutes. This picture I selected as the background for the desktop. Now
remain the question how ask the Gnome and Nautilus to refresh the background
in some reasonable period, each 5 minutes for example.
May be you can suggest me anything better?

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