sessions, panels, menus.. oh my!

Somehow I've managed to screw up the menus and panels on my Gnome setup.

I compiled the entire Gnome 2.8 from sources and once had it working properly. Since then, in the process of screwing around, I managed to completely hose up the configuration. I've been trying to get the default setup back.

When I run Gnome as root I can get the default behavior, by jumping through a few hoops. One strange thing is Gnome wants to use icewm as the default window manager. I cannot seem to find where Gnome is finding this setting.

When I run Gnome as myself, I get some of the icons but both the upper and lower panels, toolbars, and menus are either missing, missing icons or have some other problem.

I even tried running scrollkeeper-rebuilddb.

I wrote a little shell script to remove the Gnome config directories:
---- cut here ----
GNOMEDIRS=" .gnome .gnome2 .gnome2_private .gconf \
.gconfd  .gtkrc-1.2-gnome2 .nautilus .metacity .gstreamer-0.8 \
.icons .themes"

for gdir in $GNOMEDIRS do
	if [ -d $gdir ]
		echo "removing directory: $gdir"
		rm -rf $gdir
		echo "directory $gdir does not exist"
---- cut here ----

There is obviously some configuration files hidden somewhere that I have been unable to find. I think the /etc/gconf directory is OK because the panels and menus are default when I run as root.

Any hints or things to try would be most helpful. I would especially like to find configuration files I've missed.

I am a little disappointed that I am having so much trouble with this. This is worse the M$ Windows behavior AFAICT. There should be a button that restores all defaults or a least shows where they are located. I've also checked some of the online Gnome docs and have not found the settings and configuration structure explained in detail. If I've missed a doc, please let me know.


Error Loading Explorer.exe
You must reinstall Windows.

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