Re: Resetting file selector state to resolve crashes

On Mon, 2005-01-10 at 04:46 -0500, Alan Shieh wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having problems with the file selector under Gnome 2.8. Something
> in my persistent state causes every gnome 2.8 file selector dialog
> (thunderbird 1.0, abiword-2.2...) to freeze before opening. Several
> other gnome apps are broken as well: nautilus and desktop freeze on
> startup. Other user accounts do not suffer from this problem.

Do you have hald running, and are the HAL patches in your gnome-vfs?  I
filed a bug on Fedora just yesterday about how gnome-vfs seems to take a
*long* time to giveup connecting to hald if it isn't running.

> Is there some standard way to roll back the persistent user state to
> get rid of this type of problem?

Log out.

> Also, how do I increase the verbosity of desktop, nautilus, or the
> file selector dialog to diagnose this?

If it's a lockup, my personal favorite tools are just gdb and strace.
Strace in particular works well for most race conditions, gdb is
necessary for any stuck loops.

> Thanks.
> Alan 
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