Managing Open With Entries


I have Gnome 2.8 installed.  I also have latest KDE installed.

KDE file type associations are recognized in GNOME.  There are a couple
problems with these associations:
1. I can't delete them.  For example, if I select a *.txt file, right
click, go to properties, select "Open With" tab I will find a list of
associated programs:  KWrite, KEdit, Kate, Text Editor, emacs.  When
KWrite, KEdit, Kate is selected it can not be removed!
2. If I use "Open with KEdit" option I get 3 KEdit copies opened!  First
two are empty.  The titles of these windows are:
   %i - %c - there is nothing in the window
   %m - %c - there is nothing in the window
   my-real-file-name - %c - the window contains contents of the file

The "can't delete" association is anoying.
The 3 files problem is actually very anoying.  This does not happen if I
create my own KEdit association.  The problem is in this case I will
have two similar looking entries.

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