Re: Edit launcher

On Sat, 2005-01-01 at 19:11 -0500, Guy Rouillier wrote:
> I browsed the archives and saw several threads on this topic, but I'm
> not sure where it stands for 2.6.  I'm using 2.6.2 on gentoo.  I used
> Edit Launcher on the context menu of previous versions,  This option
> seems to have disappeared.  What is the proper way now to edit the
> command executed by a launcher?   I vote for adding this back to the
> context menu.  Thanks.

I've got 2.8 here...

In 2.8 everything is in the 'properties' dialog it seems. there is a
'launcher' tab for entries in applications:// that let you set the name

Worth noting I'm using Fedora Core 3, there may be differences..


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