Re: A query about Nautilus CD writer

On Sun, 2005-27-02 at 05:15 +0530, Santanu Chatterjee wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I have been using GNOME for quite sometime and still find 
> the Nautilus CD burner unusable for day to day data burning
> needs.
> Anyway, what I want to ask is, is there any plans of enabling
> Nautilus to burn files to CDs using multisession by default?
> I am really in need of this feature and it also seems so
> logical to me. I am not sure whether this has already been
> implemented ( I am not willing to try it on a blank CD to 
> find out), but in any case, can anyone let me know ?
> (the docs don't seem to mention multisession anywhere)
> Regards,
> Santanu

I don't know myself. Have you checked or the
nautilus mailing list archives
list/ ?


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