Re: font/character problems using gnome 2.8.1 on AIX 5.2

Yeah, GNOME searches if you have any fonts installed in ~/.fonts, /usr/share/fonts (and some other locations) in that order.  I did not have a ~/.fonts and the main fonts dir on AIX is different - its not on the list GNOME searches.  So I was able to resolve the problem by installing some fonts in my ~/.fonts and ran "fc-cache ~/.fonts".  The gnome-admin page was a huge help:
To answer your q, AIX uses an internal X server - this is probably one of the reasons for the different standard font paths.  But pango seems to work w/ it too - I guess Bull (or whoever) did a nice job of porting it along with all of the other GNOME components.  Everything works fine now.

Thanks for the info,

On Tue, 2005-08-02 at 23:32 -0700, Sid Kode wrote:
> I installed all the aix binary rpms on the gnome page of
>  Everything seems to work fine besides
> the fonts...  I have attached a screenshot of my desktop.  Note that
> the xv dialog font shows up correctly.  Anyone know what the cause
> might be?
> Sid.

Just some information: GTK+ uses unicode for its text (which I think is
standard on all unices), but the actual font rendering is done via a
library called Pango, which AFAIK relies heavily on Fontconfig2 and and
xtf/FreeType for font rendering.

Are you using's server or an internal aix one? one will just
work wrt Pango, but I have no clue about aix.

I think this might be an aix related problem.


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