keyboard layout switching conflicts with some keyboard bindings

I have <Ctrl><Shift> for switching national keyboard layouts like 'en-ru' (I set so with gnome-keyboard-applet), but one problem have arised.

When I try (in some applications, f.e. gedit) to use key bindings for actions like 'Redo', <Ctrl><Shift>z, I fail with redo because a moment earlier I switched to another layout with <Ctrl><Shift>. That conflict is arised with all key bindings beginning with <Ctrl><Shift> (<Ctrl><Shift>F5, <Ctrl><Shift>Enter and so on).

Does anyone knows how to resolve that?
I found the setting >"Special keys(Ctrl+Alt+<key>) handled in a server" in the settings of gnome-keyboard-applet, what does it mean (it doesn't work)?.

Thanks in advance,
   Muravev Ilya

P.S. Maybe that issue is tied with X Window rather Gnome, I don't know.
Another detail: if switching run only after I released Ctrl and Shift (with no other key pressed) then it will do the work (in Windows it is done so).

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