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Hi all,

I don't know if any of you have followed the heated discussion of the open source heavy weights about gnome? I have viewed this a litle and my view is the following:
1. If KDE users "hate" gnome, gnome must be doing something right. (The goals of the project seem to be far appart to allow for anything else)
2. Linus does not make linux fit for an average end user (which he clearly is not). Gnome developers do.

Thank to all the gnome dev's out there.



On 12/14/05, Esben Stien <b0ef esben-stien name> wrote:
Derek Kuan <dtckuan2 yahoo com au> writes:

> Wouldn't it be good if you could select a whole bunch of things with
> shift+select/ctrl+select. Then choose rename from the context menu.

You should bring this to the nautilus list. There already is some work
on renaming when you move to a directory where a file with the same
name exists. Auto generating a name is also nice.

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