need official way to prevent shutdown from logout screen

My company sells multi-user Linux machines, and we are switching from
Debian with kde to Ubuntu with gnome.   When a user logs out from
gnome-session, they are presented with the option to logout, shutdown,
restart, suspend, etc. and in a lot of cases that is too much.  We
have searched extensively and not found a good way to limit their
options to just logout or save the session and logout.

Looking though the mailing lists it seems there was a lot of
controversy to enabling this feature for normal users to shutdown, so
there should be an easy way to disable it, right?

Yes, you can disable the whole menu with gconf, but then a user can't
choose if they want to save the session or not.  And many users like
to confirm a logout since some accidental mouse clicks without
confirmation could close their session unexpectedly.
There are some postings on this topic that are specific to redhat, and
I dont' think gnome uses the same approach as the original redhat
normal user shutdown approach.
We need an official solution here that is going to work in the long
term.  For example, editing some file or doing some hack that will get
overwritten with the next gnome update is not acceptable.  It seems
like we need gconf variables for which options are going to be shown
in that logout menu, and gnome needs to be rewritten to honor them. 
That might be great for the next release, but we need some solution in
the next week as well.

Can someone recommend a company or individual that does commercial
gnome support?  We need little questions answered like this all the
time and we'd rather pay a gnome expert and get instant answers
instead of sorting through all sorts of information that may not even
be relevent to the current version.

Michael Pardee
Open Sense Solutions LLC

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