usability of focus follows mouse

I don't know if this is the right place for this topic but perhaps
someone could direkt me if its not. Well here goes.

I configure gnome for focus follows pointer.

I move the mouse over window 1 so this gets focus.
I then change focus with alt-tab to window 2.
Now if i move the mouse, which is still over window 1 the focus stays with 
window 2 until i move the pointer out and in over the window.

This is extremely annoying and i see two solutions to it.

1. Set focus not only when pointer moves into a window but continously
   as it moves across the screen.

2. Add an option to the Alt-tab that moves the pointer to the center of
   the newly focused window (Enlightenments "Send mouse pointer to
   window on focus switch" does this).

I think this needs to adressed asap. So who should I start pesting? :)

 / Christoffer Gurell

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