Re: GNOME perodically accesses my disk

> I am running Debian sarge on my Laptop. Recently I noticed that GNOME
> periodically accesses the disk  (Every 5 seconds or so, the disk is
> accessed for about 1 second). This only happens when GNOME is running.
> Without a running Xfree/GNOME, i. e. only the console terminal is up,
> the disk is quiet.
> I wonder if this is OK? Or did I setup GNOME the wrong way? Is GNOME
> looking for something that should be present. but really is absent?
> I would be glad, if someone could comment on this.

Can do. :)

Don't worry, this is fine AFAIK. The GNOME Desktop got some daemons,
that periodically sync data to disk. This probably happens even some
more, depending on your currently running applications.

This is a known issue to some degree (read: could be optimized), but it
is necessary for some applications. For example Evolution tries hard not
to lose the mail you're composing, even if someone turns off the machine



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