Bug day tomorrow! With our unique rockbugmaster!


I know everyone was waiting for this mail. I know it. It's been one
month since the last bug day and it's hard to live without having your
weekly bug day. So it comes back. Tomorrow.

And you know what? The imposing, the surprising, the fantastic, the only
LUIS VILLA will be here. Yes. Luis Villa. The one who launched the GNOME
bug days. No, he's not that old ;-)

If you want to meet Luis Villa, join us. And maybe he'll talk with you.
In fact, I'm sure he'll talk with you: he'll be really happy that his
exam of tonight will be ended that he'll talk with everyone. And he will
even hug you as you join #bugs. If he doesn't, just ask him to do it.

You're now convinced you should come to this bug day, aren't you? But
you don't know where it happens and when? It's really easy:

	+ irc.gnome.org #bugs is where all the good action will occur
	+ Thursday, august 18th is the day you should mark on your
	+ 1500GMT->0300GMT is the right time to join (but there should
	  be people before and after to help you)

And now, for the standard part of the announcement:

What is this thing you call 'bug day'?

Bug day is a day we get together on IRC, find bugs, and clean bugzilla
so that developers can get more work done by focusing on bugs that
matter instead of duplicates, unconfirmable bugs, and things that
they've already closed.

Who can help at a bug day?

Virtually anyone. Bug day can be for the very timid, the very quiet,
or the very persistent.

You do need:
* decent ability to read English
* a user-level knowledge of GNOME
* 30 or so minutes of the day (the first time, after that you can do it
in very small chunks.)

You don't need:
* any programming ability
* any prior experience with QA
* a deep understanding of GNOME.

On the other hand, if you do have programming ability, it's also a great
way to get involved- after a few bug days, you can figure out what needs
help in gnome quickly and apply your talents there.

What will we focus on?

Focus this week will be on unconfirmed bugs - reading them, marking
them NEEDINFO if needed, confirming them if they are still in a newer
release, finding duplicates, etc. Easy and fun.

Where can I get more information?

Bug days have a wiki page now:


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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