Gnome's path won't change

Hi! I have gnome 2.10.0 in /usr and kde 3.4 in /opt/kde3 on an EXTREMELY 
customized mandrake 10.1 system. I linked /opt/kde3/share/applications/kde 
to /usr/share/applications/kde so the gnome menu can see them. I 
added /opt/kde3/bin to /etc/bashrc by using 
PATH=/opt/kde3/bin:<rest of the paths>
Still, when I click on an icon, it says something like 'kolourpaint: command 
not found' yet when I open a terminal, typing kolourpaint works find. I have 
the same problem with using the foot -> run application. How do I tell gnome 
to look in /opt/kde3/bin? I would also like /usr/lib/qt3/bin in gnome's path 
as well. Thanks!

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