Paper size in GNOME

Hello, all.

I have been running GNOME for quite a while with no real problems.  I
was running Debian Sid and now Arch Linux.  I have set up my printer in
CUPS and it's worked fine, but I'm just curious about something.

I set my paper size to US Letter within CUPS, but gnome-print keeps
defaulting to A4.  It doesn't seem to have really affected anything, I
can print fine.. but why does it do this?  Is it not able to pick up the
settings from CUPS?  It's confusing and a little annoying but it seems
to be a superficial issue.  Does anyone know if gnome-print is actually
using Letter and being dumb?  Or is it making A4 postscript output and
putting it on Letter paper as CUPS is instructing?

Logan Rathbone <logan rathbone utoronto ca>

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