changing font properties

Hi all,

I would like to customize the font used by applications 
such as gnome-calculator, gnumeric, gxine, etc. When I 
use gnome-font-properties to do this, I get what I want 
*within Gnome*. 

Now I'd like the applications to use these same fonts even 
when I'm working in a non-Gnome environment e.g. fvwm or 
KDE. But my settings are ignored and the apps use some 
default if I'm in fvwm/KDE.

I also tried putting the following line in my .gtkrc without 
  font_name = "Sans Bold 9"

Can someone please suggest what I should do to make these
applications use the fonts I want instead of the defaults?


ps: I don't know if this is more appropriate for the gtk-list.
Please let me know if it is and I'll take my query there.

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