Re: printing quota management

On Thu, 2005-31-03 at 20:47 +0300, Hayat wrote:
> Hi. I am a senior student at AAU, Ethiopia. I am trying to do my
> project on printing quota management. I found your address at
> .
> Can you please help me. What I'm trying to do is write a program that
> gives a quota to every user on the network. 100 pages per month or
> something. I want to know what happens when you click print. It goes
> to the print server and is the print spooler always on? How does it
> know when a print job is sent? Can I stop all print requests to go to
> the spooler before enering my program. How can I know how many pages
> have been printed? Any help on how I can inegrate my program with the
> windows print spooler will be appreciated. Please I need some help. I
> will be looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks.

This is all done for you, check out pykota.

I have been using this software for six months at the College and it
works very well.

George Farris
george gmsys com

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