Re: Setting environment variables

Andrei Badea wrote:
Hello Kai,

On 22.9.2004 11:14 Kai Weber wrote:

* Annamalai Gurusami <annamalai gurusami EMAIL masconit com>:

(I remember it worked once on my system. Since some time the
.profile is no longer read in at startup...)

Try ~/.bashrc.

This won't work.

Some more infos: I start my GNOME session using gdm. Not any login
profile is read in.

This interests me. Is your .xsession file run when you start your Gnome session through gdm? Mine isn't, and I'd like it to be, but I didn't find a correct way to do it.

.xsession is used when you start X with 'startx' and .Xclients is used when you start X with [xgk]dm. I simply create a sym link between the two, which might be the case for other folks.

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