Re: [gnome-panel] Dropping files on panel launcher doesn't work as expected

Hi Britt,

thanks for the answer, this topic has already been clarified. At the moment you need proper .desktop files, where the Exec line looks like this:
Exec=<application> %F   # or %f, %u, %U --> see .desktop-spec

Unfortunately in my distro hardly any .desktop file has this entry.
AND nautilus' desktop has a different behaviour (it behaves like I expected). Also see the bug I filed:

Thanks anyway, for your will to help!!!


Britt Selvitelle wrote:
Hi Daniel,

On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 06:38 +0000, Daniel Poersch wrote:

I recently noticed that gnome-panel does not behave as I expected it,
when dropping files from nautilus on an application launcher. At the moment (got Gnome 2.6.2) the application starts, but without recognising the dropped files. What I would expect is:
exec <program> "$@"

It works fine here in Gnome 2.6.2. I am dragging a text file from the
desktop (or from nautilus) to Epiphany on my panel, and it loads w/ the
text file open in the browser.

What OS / gnome distro are you using?

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