Re: embedding cvs login into a script

Donald Raikes <don draikes com> writes:

> I am interested in embeding my cvs login into a perl script. I want
> to be able to pass the password as a parameter rather than being
> prompted for it.
> Is there a command-line option to specify the password on a cvs
> login command?

This is not a Gnome question and thus off-topic here. And please
don't post to more than one list at the time with questions. But:

  ole:~/cvs$ cvs --help login
  Usage: cvs login
  (Specify the --help global option for a list of other help options)

Thus I would say no. And there's probably a good reason for this. If
you specify your password on the command line, other users can see it
with 'top' and 'ps' while the command is running!

But why would you make a script for logging in? AFAIK, the password is
stored so you never have to login again on the same system when you
have done it once.

Ole Laursen

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