2.6.1 from sources


I'm having some trouble with my freshly-compiled 2.6.1.  Please redirect me if I hit the wrong list.

  I got the sources from ftp.gnome.org, unpacked, configure-make-make install'ed them in what I believe was the correct order, and got GNOME up and running with little fuss.  But!  I can't get any thumbnails to show up.  gThumb displays an empty window in all the folders with images, and plus, the dialog for selecting an icon from pixmaps directory (invoked when clicking on an icon placeholder when eg. creating a launcher) is empty. 
Furthermore, all the .desktop, .disc and similar files are treated as plaintext, and no viewers exist for common file types (activating a .jpg from within Nautilus only pops up a dialog for associating an application).

  I've tried re-confmakeinstalling libgnomeui and gnome-vfs, but to no avail.  Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time,

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