Re: gnome customizations

Hi Dave, 
I can't tell you how to lock down the panel. But you can find
information on how to add custom shortcuts at:

On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 17:31, David Johnson wrote:
> I am trying to customize gnome for some displays that we deploy out in the 
> field.  We startup a java application on these computers remotely and would like 
> to minimize the number of tools and windows that the users can access.  I have 
> removed everything off of the gnome-panel except for a window list but now I 
> would like to lock down the panel so that the users cannot add anything to it.  
> I haven't found a place where I can do that and was wondering if anyone has done 
> that before.  
> I would also like to remove the <user's> Home, Start Here and Trash icons from 
> the desktop so the users cannot use them.  Does gnome allow you to do that?
> The last thing that I am trying to do is add a new keyboard shortcut that we 
> could define to open an xterm.  I can see in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box 
> where there are some pre-defined shortcuts, but I would like to add a new one to 
> the list.  Does anyone know how that can be done?
>      Thanks,
>         Dave
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