Re: Tentative Patch to Let Gnome-Blog Check Your Spelling

On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 23:11, Ronny Klein wrote:
> Ok, here is the solution of the riddle: I think I had just luck the
> first time when I posted to Because shortly after
> your answer I realized that I've gotten the same problem like you. After
> some search, I found the solution in this email:
> They temporarily changed the address to www.blogger.api/RPC2. So, what
> you can do is: 
> - Choose Self-Run-Other as Blog-Type.
> - Choose BloggerAPI as your protocol.
> - And then type as your XML-RPC URL.

Ronny you have my eternal gratitude :-)

Here's a beer for you!

Now if i could only get the damn title to actually work...:-)

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