Re: Tentative Patch to Let Gnome-Blog Check Your Spelling


sorry, my last post didn't show up in the list. 

Did you file a bug report for that problem? I'm actually not the
maintainer and just wanted to add the spell check feature. And - I'm not
using but Self-Run Moveabletype. But, if you just need to
alter the url of the protocol: look under 
/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/gnomeblog/ or wherever
your gnome-blog is installed. There you will find:

elif (blog_type == ""):
            url = "";
            url_ending = ""
            protocol = _("bloggerAPI")
            url_description = _("XML-RPC URL:")

Just change the URL. This is just a guess. As I said. I'm not really
familiar with

Hope that I could help you.


P.S: Nevertheless, please file the bug.

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