SPARC Sun GNOME 2 keyboard shortcut question

I was asked by a user today to assist them in the following task.
They wish to assign the control-F1 key sequence on their Sun keyboard 
to the action of locking the screen.

Since the keyboard shortcut dialog for this release doesn't have
a "lock the screen" action, I invoked the New Custom Shortcuts
dialog and entered this new command:

xterm -e /usr/openwin/bin/xscreensaver-command -lock

which is what appears to work from an xterm command line.
Then, I clicked in the shortcut area, and typed the
control and F1 keys.  The value <Control>F1 appears in the

I then close the shortcut dialog.

I have tried pressing the key sequence in various places around the screen,
and none appear to invoke the command.

So, what do I need to do to tell the user to get this to work?
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