Re: Which Package First?

В Пнд, 28.06.2004, в 12:14, Bahram Alinezhad пишет:
> I use RedHat Linux 9.0 and want to upgrade my desktop
> to gnome 2.6. Regarding my slow connection (via
> modem), which package(s) are minimum requirements for
> download from
> note: I want to have at least "desktop" and "nautilus"
> updated.

Hmm, this is hard because I don't know of any binary RPMs of GNOME 2.6
for RedHat 9. If you have enough space on your hard drive then you can
let the garnome software build the stable GNOME 2.6 release on your pc.
It has an option to first download everything it needs and then compile
it. That way you can go offline while it compiles. GARNOME has its home
page at

Have fun

Markus Bertheau <twanger bluetwanger de>

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