Re: Alternative to .Xmodmap in Gnome 2.6

Chris Metcalf wrote:
I have a Thinkpad, and its got some special "page forward/page back"
buttons. I can use .Xmodmap to remap those keycodes to something

However, Gnome 2.6 overrides my .Xmodmap and tells me to go use the
Gnome tools to reconfigure my keyboard instead. No keyboard map exists
for my keyboard, so I can't map those keys.

Hmm, is this new in gnome 2.6? I have found no word about it in the release notes and have been searching almost two days figuring out why my Xmodmap is ignored. Is there any way to tell Gnome to not override /etc/X11/Xmodmap? I use this as a central point to configure all machines's keyboards in our cluster.


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