Re: Alternative to .Xmodmap in Gnome 2.6

I use "Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts"...


On Sun, 2004-06-27 at 19:31, Chris Metcalf wrote:
> I have a Thinkpad, and its got some special "page forward/page back"
> buttons. I can use .Xmodmap to remap those keycodes to something
> useful.
> However, Gnome 2.6 overrides my .Xmodmap and tells me to go use the
> Gnome tools to reconfigure my keyboard instead. No keyboard map exists
> for my keyboard, so I can't map those keys.
> I've done some googling and found a lot of people complaining about
> this "feature", plenty of people hacking around it, and no real
> solutions.
> So whats the "correct" way to map keycodes in Gnome 2.6?
> I hope in the next release the developers will elect to add an
> "Advanced" tab to the keyboard configuration applet to allow users to
> remap special keys.
> Thanks,

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