some problems

Hi to all

I build my own Linux box form scratch and choose only gnome how my desktop
I made the download of 2.6.1 of Gnome and compiled all modules successfully.
I can use the gnome but somethings are wrong....
The icons (floppy, hd,...) inside my computer icon located on desktop are
broken, i need to configure something? when i mount the floppy or cd they
appear on desktop not inside the my computer ??? :(
I can't change the background , when i choose the wallpaper nothing
when i click on the terminal icon one window open but the shell inside it
how can i do to view a preview of on picture inside a file browser?

thanks... :)


André Luiz Pereira
Rod. Sen. José Ermirio de Moraes, km 11
18087-090 - Sorocaba - São Paulo - Brazil
Phone: +55-15-235-6602

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