Syntax highlighting in gedit (Gnome 2.6.1/FreeBSD)


I use Gnome 2.6.1 on FreeBSD-4.10.  I've searched Google for details on adding
new syntax highlighting to gedit, and it seems I should have a dot folder in
my home directory, called .gnome2/.gtksourcehighlight or something like that,
where I can add the XML file to add highlighting for some other language.  I
don't have any private folders for the GTK source highlight control, so can
I just make this directory and add the XML file to it (where should it be,
and what should it be called?)  Will gedit detect my new XML source highlighting
configuration and load it automagically?  (Will I need to recompile?)

I'd like to add XML source highlighting files for NASM and GAS flavours of
assembly language and contribute them to the GTK source highlight package.


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