Re: Handling of removeable drives

* Ryan McDougall <NQG24419 nifty com>:

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> > maybe more a Nautilus question but affects the whole desktop as well:
> > Why and when did Nautilus stopped displaying the volume name of
> > CD-ROMs/DVDs and ejecting the drive on unmount?
> > 
> My nautilus (2.6) appears to be able to do what you describe, but maybe
> I don't understand your question.

If I mount a CD-ROM I like to see the CD-ROM name "Data CD 1" or
something. All I see are the generic names "cdrom0" or "cdrom1".

The program eject is installed and I can manually close and open the
tray with "eject" and "eject -t". If I unmount a CD-ROM, I like to have
Nautilus doing the eject for me.

That worked in the past. Maybe it is a problem of the Debian package
version I use. (Debian unstable)

> It may comfort you to know that gnome- volume-manger will probably be
> in 2.8, and it comes with some very nice volume handling that uses
> HAL, D-Bus, and features of 2.6 kernel to make things like DVDs,
> Memory cards, etc, all work like magic.

I use gnome-volume-manager.

  Kai Weber
» kai weber glorybox de   gpg-key: 0x594D4132

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