Fail to star gnome

Hi all folks,

Fedora Core 2
(upgrade from RH8.0)

After upgrade I tried severval days uable to start
Gnome, having played around with following steps
without a solution.

On GUI login as USER to start Gnome, it appeared as
KDE theme, all gnome packages not found.  Renamed all
following files ~/


as .old and rebooted PC.  Still could not start Gnome.
 A new set of files generated except ~/gnome-desktop
which could not be found after reboot and login

Started init 3
$ startx
Started KDE desktop

$ xterm
xterm Xt error Can't open display

$ gnome-session
Gtk-warning ** cannot open displays:

$ startx gnome-session
wating for X server to shut down
Gnome could not start

Google search could not brought a right solution. 
Kindly advise.  TIA


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