RE: BUG: gnome terminal horrible performance

> configure transparent background and it becomes even more slower.
> Futhermore it does not save the geometry. As it is gnome-terminal is
> unusable - sorry.

I agree, I was very disappointed with gnome-terminal when I installed 2.6.
After a year or two sabatical with KDE I finally came back to Gnome in 2.6
and I am pretty disappointed with that terminal. It does not have a tab
feature which makes managing more than one terminal at a time a little
cumbersome (who works with one terminal at a time?). I also have a scrolling
issue where if I scroll up a little and then maximize the terminal and 
scroll down, the commands do not force the terminal to scroll to the bottom.
For instance, if I typed "ls -R /" I wouldn't see anything, but I'd notice
that the scroll bar shot up, so I'd have to manually scroll to the bottom,
very annoying. And last of all, yes, it is a resource hog. I too have
noticed that it is very slow for trivial tasks like scrolling through a 
large body of text.

Jason Pacheco
Systems Developer
Technology Center for Cables & Connectors
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Code 15233

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