Bug day!


Tomorrow Thursday the 22nd will be a bug day again! This is a great
opportunity for people to help the GNOME project keep track of all those
bugs people report, and make sure they're clear enough that developers
can actually get round to fixing them. So it's an integral part of
making GNOME the best desktop out there...

I have trouble with timezones. I'm going to be on irc.gnome.org in #bugs
from 1600 GMT to 2000 GMT (I think that's 1100 EST to 1500 EST), though
other people might be around at other times. If you want to get
involved, please drop in!

If you don't know what a bug day is, or what we do, please read the FAQ.
But it will all become clear tomorrow...

* http://developer.gnome.org/projects/bugsquad/triage/faq.html



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