The Daily Horror: gnome crashed


I have an incredible story for you, all starting with firefox.

I opened a website within the best browser of the world -- and I
couldn't believe my eyes any longer what they pretended me to happening:
First, the only thing that crashed was the firefox windows itself. Well,
"what a pity" I first thought. But soon I realized that it's not yet
over(tm): Gnome messaged enormous problems with its window manager and I
had to do ALT+F1, login as root and reboot. 

The next shocking thing was when I loged in as an ordinary user again --
I couldn't use my "click here to hide all windows and show the
desktop"-button any longer, combined with not having window titles (so
moving them around was not possible either) but just the "File, Edit,
..."-toolbar. Obviously, rebooting wouldn't make any difference at all.

I moved ~/.gnome,~/.gnome2 and ~/.gconf which at least made gnome start
the way it should. Even though I replaced the newly created directories
with the old ones (I clearly backuped), it didn't affect gnome at all.
As a result, I now do not get a startup sound (actually, I don't hear
any sounds from gnome at all, but applications such as XMMS still do) 
have ugly nautilus settings and am totally displeased with the whole

Any recommendations are welcome, really wanna get my settings back ): 

mail 	momo at 4momo dot de

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