RE: Gnome 2.6 Haults on Login

>Sounds like a tricky problem. But you do know that since it works for
>root, its either a permissions problem (the user doesn't have permission
>to something it should have), or something borked in your user level
>configuration. Can you create a new user for which it does work?
>Since this is a new user, you could try deleting the config files in
>your home directory: .gnome*, .gconf*, .gtk*, .metacity, .nautilus, or
>anything that might be giving you a problem. Of course this will blow
>away any customizations, but GNOME should be able to restore from
>There is also you could try. Also try digging around to
>get some more information that we can work with.

Ok, problem resolved, and this message is for the archives. I am running
Crux 2.0 and for some reason the /tmp directory was read-only to all
but root, which prevented me from logging in in the first place. Gnome
would throw an error and ask me if I wanted to see the .Xsession errors.
I resolved that issue prior to making a post here. After I chmodded the
/tmp dir, that's when it allowed me to log in and I experienced the halt

After wrestling with it for a while, I decided to try and clear out the
/tmp directory. I have no idea why, but I think that's what did it. The
wierd part is after I cleared it (while running gnome) things stopped
working correctly. I think GDM stored a file that holds socket information
or something in there because Gnome lost communication with GDM. So I
rebooted and everything worked fine, I could log in and have been able
to since yesterday. So it looks like that's th issue. Thank you.

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