Re: magicdev question

On Mon, 2004-01-05 at 19:00, Paul Ionescu wrote:
> Now, how do I make magicdev to do an action if it detects that a CD is
> removed ?
> For instance, I insert a data CD, and magicdev mounts it automaticaly
> under /mnt/cdrom. 
> If I eject the CD via the eject button on the CDROM (not the eject
> command), I want magicdev to unmount the cd, but it does not.
> So, the CD is gone, but it is still mounted.

Interesting!  On my laptops, Linux always locks out the button when a CD
is mounted so that I cannot eject it manually (without using a

My experience is that you can get the system really screwed up by
ejecting things before unmounting them.  The system can hang for quite
long periods trying to access the device.

My advice is to right-click on the CD icon on your desktop and choose
"eject" right at the bottom.  This will unmount and eject the CD.

Don't use the CD drive button EVER!!

This is more of a Linux OS issue than magicdev.


Simon Wong <linux thoughtworx com>

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