Re: How to use gksu to safely run a non-open-source application?

Thanks for your comments, Mart, Gustavo, and Zoran. This is all very new to me and it's hard to get pointed in the right direction - all the information is out there somewhere but where does one start???!!!!

Zoran Rilak wrote:

When you run your X, it defaults to allowing access to you and only to you (i.e. only to processes which you own), so root cannot start XLib apps on that display.

Perhaps you know enough about how X works to answer this question:

Let us suppose that an application owned by one user - in this case "realplay" - is authorized to put a window on the display owned by another user - in this case "jack".

How much information can realplay get from jack's display? Obviously if realplay's window "has the focus" then X will send keyboard and mouse events to realplay's application. Is there a way that realplay's application can get events (or other information) from jack's display when realplay's window DOES NOT have the focus?

(Hopefully there is not!)

Thanks again for your help.

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