Re: How to use gksu to safely run a non-open-source application?

On Mon, 2004-12-27 at 17:28 -0500, Jack Dodds wrote:
> Petri Kanerva wrote:
> > <>Well, why use realplay?
> > Try mplayer ( that's open-source..
> > You need the realplayer-codec for it to play the stream, but you can get
> > the needed codec from their page.
> >
> > Petri
> I think you are missing the point.
> Mplayer is open-source, but the RealPlayer codec is not.  It might be a 
> codec, pure and simple.  Or, it might do many other things.  It might 
> contain code to collect information on which files are played and upload 
> them.  It might attempt to detect files acquired via peer-to-peer 
> software and alert the MPAA. It might contain a keystroke logger for 
> harvesting passwords!

There is paranoia, and then there is overdoing it BIG TIME. Like, don't
you think that the mplayer developers haven't checked the codecs and
seen what they do. Like if they send stuff and all. Everyone ain't in
the Bill-boy's conspiracy. And BTW, have you noticed the little cameras
in your house...

And if you are so afraid of everything telling everyone exactly what you
do with your comp and what it contains, maybe you should block all
unneeded ports from your firewall...


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